Get the
numbers you need

Nothing slows you down like spending hours filtering a .csv file so it tells you what you want it to. We’re making that go away for good.

How it Works

All users of the Hub toolkit have access to our custom reporting functionality. It’s a feature of our platform that allows us to build reports tailored specifically to the needs of your business. You access it straight from our toolkit, which can pull these reports right into any spreadsheet with a single click.

Any platform the Hub connects to has lots of hidden data in it that won’t necessarily appear in that platform’s reporting tool. This is why when you hit “export .csv” on Shopify or Stripe, there’s often still several more steps left, or more reports to run, once you’ve opened the file.

Because we’re accessing the data at its source, via the API, we can grab this data where it lives and create a customized output with the data you need.

  1. Merge different datasets from within the same platform
  2. Merge data from multiple platforms to complete a comprehensive financial picture of your business
  3. Pre-sort and filter data before it even gets to your screen

Work Smart not Hard

How many hours could you save each month if the data you needed was already prepared for you when it got to your screen? If it downloaded straight into a template that you only needed to set up once? Let’s build something cool.