How it Works

Amalgam makes data preparation more efficient. It’s a spreadsheet-based platform for building flexible automations.

Unlock a more efficient way to work:

Link your existing schedules, work papers, and pivot tables straight to the source.

Any Data, Any Time

Amalgam works as an active link to your business apps. Report tabs act as special sheets that can be updated at any time to pull the latest, greatest data into your working document.

Two-Way Sync

Use Resource tabs to not only download, but edit and bulk upload data. Link two such tabs together using regular formulas to create custom syncs between apps.

One Doc, One Process

With Amalgam, each source is a click (or a Ctrl+PgDn) away. Each tab in your doc acts as its own mini-application, and our plugin keeps up as you scroll.

Nothing New to Learn

Amalgam makes programmer-level automation available to anyone. If you know your way around a SUM formula, you’re ready to start building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform requires only that you have internet access and the use of either Excel or Google Sheets. You can connect your tech stack and start using our platform in less than 10 minutes.

If you’d like an even faster way to get started, check out our templates center for some pre-built solutions to common problems. These solutions can be shared and modified to fit the needs of your own business!

Our solution originated as an internal tool for accountants unsatisfied with automations that couldn’t handle the nuance of highly complex accounting treatments.

Amalgam handles getting data from point A to point B, everything else is left up to you. You lay out the math for your accounting policy, and let Amalgam update those Journal Entries every month, instantaneously.

Our platform creates a direct link between your spreadsheet and the platform you are accessing. All data is downloaded from, or uploaded to the source platform, and is not stored in any way by Amalgam in transit. This means that there is no sync timing, nor are there persistent connections that slow down the performance of your files.

Amalgam takes data privacy very seriously; the only records of the data created by our tool are those that exist in the spreadsheet itself, just as if you downloaded a CSV file to your hard drive.

Simplicity is Our Strength

If you use Excel or Google Sheets already you can get started right away, and have a comprehensive solution for your team in a matter of days.

Amalgam ported straight into an excel sheet I was already using. Straightforward clients could be closed with just a few clicks, and I didn’t need to learn anything more complex than a download button.

– Jillian Byrnes, CPA

Let Us Help

Simple tasks should never be time consuming. If you’ve got a file where you manage a tedious data-intensive process, let us help you rebuild it using our platform.