Use Cases

Amalgam goes anywhere spreadsheets meet online data. Our users keep their existing processes, minus the manual work.

Cross-Industry Examples

Accounting and Bookkeeping


Financial data exists across numerous systems that don’t talk to each other. Even platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, or NetSuite are time-consuming to work with when dealing with data in bulk. Accessing data requires shared logins, and substantial data-entry and CSV-export time.


Excel-based schedules, work papers, and reports can be connected directly to source systems and refreshed with the latest data. Monthly close processes like accruals or reconciliations can be templatized and shared across clients. Work papers can upload journal entries directly to accounting systems, and remain linked to those entries for record-keeping purposes.


Associates can save dozens of hours spent recreating monthly processes, with managers saving additional time spent checking for errors. Outsourced firms saw substantially increased ROI on fixed-fee engagements. Ability to focus on analysis over data-prep.

Strategic Finance


Data is the most valuable commodity for a business, but poor accessibility means time is spent on data preparation rather than analysis. Businesses often rely on manual, error-prone processes to compile data. Many a business has a mission-critical excel sheet maintained manually by the leadership team.


By aggregating data from multiple APIs inside of the most widely-used business application in the world, Amalgam makes it simple to aggregate data without spending money on costly solutions like dashboarding, data warehousing, or custom software.


Budgets, financial models, and management reports linked directly to the source-of-truth. Financial analysis isn’t blocked by manual data aggregation, and greater efficiency in bookkeeping means information dependencies are met earlier in each reporting cycle.

Private Equity & Venture Capital


Whether analyzing a new investment or an existing portfolio business, quality data is at a premium, and time spent chasing down information is costly. When working with private companies, financial statements are often incomplete, and access to transaction-level source data is often crucial. Transaction execution is often limited by data room turnaround times, running up additional legal and analysis costs.


In addition to providing connectivity between spreadsheets and source systems, Amalgam offers a comprehensive set of data sharing tools. Users can share access to systems they control, and define granular permission-levels for that data.


Data sources shared with Amalgam provide funds with instant access to a robust set of information, without the need for portfolio companies to spend time preparing statements and reports. Funds can refresh and filter these reports within limitations set by the sharer. QoE or performance reports effectively start with a full dataset.



Consulting professionals want to easily access, view, and manipulate customer data stored in apps like Shopify, Amazon, or Stripe in order to offer strategic analysis for their clients. Time-inefficiencies lead to slower insights, ultimately limiting the rates they can charge for their services.


Analysis can be templatized and reused for new clients or time periods. By reusing structural forms of analysis, consultants spend less time on data preparation and more time on delivery.


By refining the delivery process, our users are able to reduce their focus on revising and delivering documents, and increase focus on advisory work. Retainer ROIs increase due to raw time savings, while hourly rates on new business climb due to the efficiency and quality of the strategic output.

Simplicity is Our Strength

If you use Excel or Google Sheets already you can get started right away, and have a comprehensive solution for your team in a matter of days.

Amalgam ported straight into an excel sheet I was already using. Straightforward clients could be closed with just a few clicks, and I didn’t need to learn anything more complex than a download button.

– Jillian Byrnes, CPA

Frequently Asked Questions

Our platform requires only that you have internet access and the use of either Excel or Google Sheets. You can connect your tech stack and start using our platform in less than 10 minutes.

If you’d like an even faster way to get started, check out our templates center for some pre-built solutions to common problems. These solutions can be shared and modified to fit the needs of your own business!

Our solution originated as an internal tool for accountants unsatisfied with automations that couldn’t handle the nuance of highly complex accounting treatments.

Amalgam handles getting data from point A to point B, everything else is left up to you. You lay out the math for your accounting policy, and let Amalgam update those Journal Entries every month, instantaneously.

Our platform creates a direct link between your spreadsheet and the platform you are accessing. All data is downloaded from, or uploaded to the source platform, and is not stored in any way by Amalgam in transit. This means that there is no sync timing, nor are there persistent connections that slow down the performance of your files.

Amalgam takes data privacy very seriously; the only records of the data created by our tool are those that exist in the spreadsheet itself, just as if you downloaded a CSV file to your hard drive.

Let Us Help

Simple tasks should never be time consuming. Tell us a bit about your team and the systems you use, and we’ll help you figure out if Amalgam is a good fit for you.