How to Get Started

All you need is an Amalgam account, a data source, a spreadsheet, and about five minutes.

Create Your Account

Load up our app and create an account. It only takes a minute and you can get started for free.

Connect your
Tech Stack

Our app makes it simple to connect to your favorite (and least favorite) business apps. Once connected, their data is available from any document.

Install the Plugin

Install our spreadsheet add-in for either Excel or Google Sheets. With Amalgam, any document you have open will have access to all the data in your apps with the click of a button.

Make things easier on yourself

You don’t need to create everything for yourself. Our platform is a sandbox to build whatever you want, but we’ve also got a lot of highly customizable automation templates ready to use in our template center.

Why not start by trying out one of these pre-built solutions as a taste of what’s to come?

Not Sure? Let Us Help.

We’re pros at using tools to automate complex processes.
If you’d like a free consultation, or if you just don’t want to set things up yourself, let us be your automation resource.