Free Your Data

Amalgam links excel or google sheets to any business app.

Download data, edit that data, then sync it back to the source, without ever closing your spreadsheet.

How it Works

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Reports are special sheets that can be updated at any time to pull the latest data into your doc.

Why We Do It

Scattered data makes work inefficient and expensive. Business apps aren't designed for bulk analysis and reconciliation.

Adapt for Growth

Workarounds don’t scale well. Processes automated with Amalgam are portable, shareable, and can be distributed anywhere.

Eliminate Error

File exporting, copy/pasting, manual entry – all opportunities for error. Amalgam executes boring work instantly, with machine precision.

Unlock Value

Data prep time can be reallocated to higher value tasks. Drive ROI by spending more time as the CFO, less as the bookkeeper.

Connect Anything.

We’ve got dozens of integrations and are adding more all the time.

Nothing New to Learn

Amalgam makes automation accessible with basic spreadsheet skills. Download our excel or google sheets plugin, then proceed as normal.