Do less, accomplish more.

Turnkey automation for teams that care about data.

Move data seamlessly between spreadsheets and business apps to deliver better insights, faster.

Revolutionizing Workflow At Companies Large and Small.

How it Works.

Completely eliminate file exporting, copy/pasting, and manual data entry from your daily grind in just 5 minutes (really).


Connect all your business tools and data sources to Amalgam with a few clicks. Share these connections with others on your team.


Install our powerful spreadsheet plugin to access and modify all that data from one place, without switching tabs or juggling passwords.


Your spreadsheets now have superpowers. Build one-click bookkeeping, complex reconciliations, or smart reporting, or try our pre-built solutions!

Connect Anything.

We’ve got dozens of integrations and are adding more all the time.

Intuitive Workflow Alignment
for Your Whole Team.

Eliminate Error

Tedious tasks are opportunities for human error. Amalgam executes boring work instantly, with machine precision.

Adapt for Growth

Workarounds don’t scale well. Processes automated with Amalgam are portable, shareable, and can be distributed anywhere.

Unlock Value

Data prep time can be reallocated to higher value tasks. Drive ROI by spending more time as the CFO, less as the bookkeeper.

Reclaiming Hours

Efficiency is great. Eliminating the most frustrating part of your workweek is great too.

I used to spend so many tedious hours a month working on accruals and budgets for each client. Using Accrual and Budgeting templates from Amalgam not only saves me time, but allows me to focus more on the areas that really need my attention.

– Jared Balkind, Associate at Calculate LLC

No Assembly Required

You don’t need to be a programmer to create enterprise-quality business automations.

Amalgam by the Numbers

Created by and for finance and accounting pros, we’ve been there before and understand how to make a difference in your business.

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Ready to take your time back?

Don’t waste another minute on tedious data entry and manipulation tasks.