Blend of convention and modernity

Amalgam uses the waning craft of inlay in coloured and composite stone, precious/semi-precious stone and wood to create a blend of traditional and modernity. Amalgam attempts to redefine the blend of colour and pattern and achieve unison of function and contemporary Indian modern aesthetic to produce hand-crafted home accessories.

Design as a customized craft


Amalgam emphasises Design as a craft and views it as a holistic experience. From spatial mediation to lifestyle and accessory design, every product is viewed as unison of function and aesthetic, tradition and modernity, style and utility, colour and pattern, technique and retro style and redefining the contemporary Indian modern aesthetic.

Customization & innovation

A unique, customized product: An array of patterns, textures, colours and materials are available which are amalgamated with the client’s requirements and function. The amalgam intent is to customize products; we are happy to experiment and innovate.

An extensive range of products: Apart from furniture, Amalgam manufactures various home and lifestyle accessories in wood, stone and inlay in MOP and semi-precious stone; Table Tops, cheese platters, trays, coasters, place mats, table mats, and the range is extensive.

Design exclusivity: The products cater to all ranges: from coloured composite to semi-precious stones, from traditional patterns to trendy, fashionable, modern interpretations, hence creating products for all age groups.

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