Privacy Policy

Privacy policy


This web app does not permanently store any user data, with the exception of information used to sign you into your account. Amalgam may at times make temporary use of user data in order to provide its services, as detailed below.

Integrated Services

This app may be connected to other services (“Integrated Services”) such as Quickbooks and Stripe, and may be used to access and modify data within these integrated services. All data obtained from integrated services is subject to those services’ respective privacy policies.

Data obtained from integrated services will pass through Amalgam and be transmitted, as requested by the user. An example would be taking Quickbooks data and transmitting it to a Google Sheet. This app does not retain the information transmitted.

Google Sheets Add-In

The Amalgam add-in for Google Sheets allows users to access data from Integrated Services directly from Google Sheets. This add-in requres access to certain user information in order to provide a seamless user experience.

This add-in requires access to each user’s email address, display window, and active spreadsheet in order to display the sidebar interface and make adjustments to spreadsheets as requested by the user. Amalgam login data is securely stored within the user’s google profile to allow connections with the Hub to persist (rather than requiring a login for each action performed).

The add-in also requires permission to send and request data from an external app (the Hub), in order to access the financial information from integrated services. No information sent from the google sheets add-in is stored by this app, except in integrated services as directed by the user (e.g. by creating journal entries in an accounting platform).

Finally, the add-in requires permission to run certain scripts based on user actions. This code will “listen” for certain actions in the spreadsheet (such as the update of data rows), and use those to trigger other functions of our application. This allows our application to respond fluidly to your input, rather than require our users to trigger each discrete action with a button click in the application sidebar. 

Amalgam’s use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.