Our Story

Amalgam started life as a side project, built as a helpful excel macro for some of the Accountants and CFOs at Calculate LLC, an outsourced Accounting, Finance and Bookkeeping firm based in NYC. Originally it was nothing more than a big gray “download” button in Excel models that allowed the team to update their models by downloading updates directly from Quickbooks.

Over time, this one tool grew into a whole suite, and connections to other platforms like Xero, Amazon, Shopify and Stripe fell into heavy rotation. When other businesses and accounting firms started to inquire about licensing the platform, it became clear that “The Hub” needed space to grow.

Amalgam spun off from Calculate at the end of 2021 to better serve its diverse range of subscribers, and has been rapidly expanding within the Accounting, Finance, and Startup space ever since.

What We Do

Amalgam is software to make teams who care about data more efficient. Our platform currently features dozens of software integrations and plugins for both Excel and Google Sheets. We pride ourselves on understanding the work our customers are doing, and building solutions that reflect that knowledge.

Our Mission

The process of managing data is full of mindless busywork to get data from point A to point B. The people doing this work only get to use their skills and intelligence once these procedural blockers are removed. Automating these steps is only approachable for those with the skills or budget to create and run their own custom code.

Amalgam is designed to eliminate this time spent on data stewardship, using only the tools these professionals already use. We’re removing the worst part of our users’ jobs, and unlocking the untapped potential stuck behind file management and data entry.