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How to use the Plaid Integration

Plaid is a fantastic tool that allows you to easily access your bank transaction information from numerous banks, all in one place. Amalgam uses Plaid to provide identical bank reports that can be taken from any US bank account, without logging into the bank website.

Setting Up Plaid Integration

Setting up Plaid integration is easy. Type in ‘Plaid’ and click the option that appears. This process is similar to what you might have seen in other applications. For demonstration purposes, we will proceed as a guest and select a bank. Plaid covers most major banks in the US, along with some brokerage and other systems.

Generating a Bank Transactions Report

Once Plaid integration is set up, you can generate a bank transactions report. This report standardizes the data from any bank into the same format, showing columns for transaction date, available date, and more.

Connecting Multiple Bank Accounts

Plaid allows you to connect multiple bank accounts simultaneously and generate multiple reports in the same format, saving you the hassle of logging into each bank account individually. Whether it’s a Citi account, Chase account, or a Wells Fargo account (etc. etc.), all can be connected and integrated for easy access and reporting.

In conclusion, our Plaid integration feature simplifies bank data access and reporting by standardizing and aggregating information from multiple banks. Say goodbye to juggling between bank accounts and hello to streamlined financial management.

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