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Who owns my data when I use this Platform?

Amalgam works by connecting to different providers of data and making that data more easily accessible using Excel or Google Sheets. Simply put, we want to do this in the simplest possible way without creating any privacy concerns or liability for our users.

To accomplish this, Amalgam takes the simple approach of never saving any of the data that passes through its systems unless it is needed for critical processes like authenticating future requests, systems diagnostics, or activity specifically triggered by the user.

So for example, if a user were to download Quickbooks financial data or Shopify retail data to a spreadsheet using Amalgam, once that process had completed the data would now exist only on the spreadsheet it was downloaded to. Amalgam would not retain a copy of any of the spreadsheet information downloaded in its records anywhere.

Use of our users’ data is strictly for our users and those they share that data with. While each of the applications we connect to has their own privacy policy (i.e. Stripe may differ from Amazon in how it handles data), Amalgam takes a consistent and simple approach to ensure our users can create connectivity without limiting their data privacy.

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