Shopify Sales Insights

FROM AK CONSULTING: Easily extract powerful insights from your Shopify Orders Detail in only a few moments.


Ali Kothari



This is how AK Consulting quickly generates insights for eCommerce businesses with a simple data download from Shopify. Using this report as a starting point, Ali is able to determine which products are performing best, which customers are VIPs, and begin to form a picture of how the business in question can better capitalize on their market.

This report is only a starting point – by taking a look at these pivot tables you’ll surely have ideas of even better analyses that could work for your own business. You’ll think of charts and visualizations that put the data in question in context. Use this template to get a hot start on your analytical process, then take the raw data and run with it!

Evolving Your Financial Process

The Hub makes finance teams more efficient. It’s a customizable platform that links your financial tools together to automate your financial process.