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Clearing the Excel Cache (Windows)

When it comes to Excel related issues, this fix is the equivalent of turning it off then back on again. Sometimes it just works, even if you’re not totally sure why.

When to Clear the Cache

If you’re having problems with our Excel plugin, or even with Excel in general, clearing the cache can be a shortcut to getting things working again. It removes all local plugin files and forces Excel to request the latest version of our app and your data from the internet.

Incidentally, this can also fix a number of other Excel problems totally unrelated to Amalgam…

How to Clear the Cache

Unfortunately, unlike your browser, there’s no “clear cache” button in Excel, but the process is pretty simple.

  1. Close Excel.
  2. To find the cache you need to paste this text into your file browser:
  1. Once there, simply delete all the files in the folder:
  1. Restart Excel, and re-open the Amalgam plugin. It’s possible you will need to re-add the plugin from the Insert > Get Add-ins menu
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