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Xero Resource Errors: Troubleshooting

If you get a “Partial Success” message in Amalgam, that means that while your data was valid as far as our app could tell, one or more errors occurred when sending that data to its destination. This is usually a result of rules put in place by the app that Amalgam isn’t able to check on our end.

When this happens Amalgam puts the message Xero sends back into the yellow message box, which will hopefully make the process of figuring out what went wrong easier. However, these messages can be confusing at times.

Business Validation Issues

Xero contains a lot of hidden logic that can make uploading a challenge. For example – records like invoices or journal entries have “statuses,” and which status you are allowed to choose often depends on the current status of the record, which means Amalgam can’t check this for you before sending.

Some examples of business validation issues:

  • Invoice not of valid status for creation: means that you have selected a “Status” that is not allowed for the first status of a new object. For example, Xero won’t allow you to create an invoice or journal entry that is VOIDED right from the start
  • Contact must be specified for this type of transaction: means that you have excluded the “Contact” field for a transaction (like an invoice) where it is a required field

Still Confused? Possible Sheet Errors

If the error message doesn’t match what you are seeing in the sheet, it is possible there has been an error with the sheet itself. Some examples of this:

  • “Missing” value isn’t actually missing: if Xero tells you a required field is missing, but you have filled it out in the sheet, you may not have selected from one of the allowed drop-down menu options. In some cases, the value we send to Xero is required to match from an existing list in Xero itself, making it crucial that the values match up
  • Data in Sheet isn’t up-to-date: perhaps your list of options in the drop-down menu isn’t up to date with the latest in Xero. To refresh this list, you can always select “refresh” in the Amalgam sidebar
  • Hidden formulas have broken: in other cases, the value we send to Xero isn’t the name of a record (like a customer or vendor) at all, but an ID for that vendor that Xero uses to recognize it. Amalgam has several hidden columns in its resources that it uses to look up those IDs from the values in other columns – if one of these columns is overwritten, Xero may incorrectly believe that a selection has not been made

If all else fails, reloading the sheet with the “Reload” button can resolve most problems. This will delete any formulas or data you have created, but it will reload all the lookups, drop-downs, and hidden formulas to ensure the sheet is working properly.

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