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Trouble with Copy/Paste when Using Resources

If you copy/paste data into an Amalgam resource, you may notice certain issues due to the way Excel handles the copy/paste feature.

The magic of Paste Special

Most likely, when you copy something into an Amalgam sheet, you probably just want the value. However, excel brings all sorts of other stuff along for the ride by default. Almost everything in excel is relative to the values of the other cells around it, so you might copy one thing and have it appear as completely another by the time it reaches the destination.

This is where paste special comes in handy. You can access it with either alt + e, s in both Excel and Google Sheets, or with platform-specific shortcuts of ctrl + alt + v in Excel or ctrl + shift + v in google sheets.

The option you probably want – paste values – is right there. However, the other options, such as paste formatting only, may be helpful to you in other situations.

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