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My Journal Entry says debits and credits are not balanced?

Most likely, this is because you either have numerical data in both the debit and credit field, or because you have deleted the numbers from one or both of those fields.

When our sheet checks to see if a journal entry is balanced, it needs a way to review the data in both the credit and debit columns at once. The way it does this is by checking which number is larger, and then supplying that larger number as the value to create in Quickbooks.

If you delete the zeros from the empty columns, or put a value that is not a number in there, then our sheet can get confused.

Simply replace all the unused columns with zeros (rather than empty cells, dashes, or something else), and this problem should go away.

If this fails, it’s worth also checking to make sure there aren’t any rounding errors or similar issues with the sheet. Quickbooks can only handle a certain level of precision, so it may round numbers like 10.001, leading to inconsistencies in the numbers that it saves.

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