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Troubleshooting Login Issues

For security, Amalgam requires users to log into their account in both the web app, and the Excel or Google Sheets plugins.

Login information is identical for both applications – if your password and username combination works for the web app, it will also work for the plugin and vice-versa. However, because you are logging into two different environments, in a browser and inside a spreadsheet app, there are a few things that can go wrong. If you’re having trouble logging in, try these options:

Check your Password Manager

You’re likely using a password manager to organize logins to your different apps in your browser. However, because the plugins run inside other applications (Excel and Google Sheets respectively), they don’t have access to your password manager. If you change your Amalgam login and save it in a password manager, that new password will not auto-fill when you log into the plugin.

For Google Sheets – sometimes a password manager can actually interfere with login. Because the manager uses the URL of the web page you’re currently on to guess which password you need, it will provide you with what it thinks is the correct login. But because google sheets URLs start with docs.google.com/… you will actually just get your google password.

Try Signing Out of the Web App

Sometimes – users will change their login in one app, and forget about it for the other. The easiest way to test that your credentials work is with the web app, because your password manager will work. Try logging out, then logging in again. Copy/paste your password into a separate text editor to make sure you’re typing what you think you are.

If you want to make absolutely certain, you can change your password in the web app to give yourself a fresh start.

Before Asking for Help…

If you need help logging in, please have your working username and password available for us, as the only way for us to test is to try logging in on our end.

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