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What does Required Parameter AccountRef mean?

This question may also relate to ItemRef, CustomerRef, VendorRef, ClassRef, DepartmentRef, or others.

Most likely, this means that one of the dropdown lists you selected contains an incorrect value.

When we send data to and from a system like Quickbooks, there are differences in the data that we interact with, and the data that Quickbooks interprets. While a human user needs to see the name of an Account, Customer, etc. in order to understand, Quickbooks’ software interacts with this data by using a code, called the reference, of these datapoints.

Amalgam handles most of this input for you, but occasionally Quickbooks will respond with an error code that refers to the technical magic going on behind the scenes. When an AccountRef (or whatever it is) is invalid, this usually means that the data you entered for that account is invalid (or is leading Amalgam to supply incorrect information).

Double check all of your dropdown lists for error flags, and if all else fails hit “refresh” to get the latest, Accounts, Customers, etc. from Quickbooks.

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