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Why can’t I log into the plugin?

If you’ve successfully created an account in our connection center but are having trouble logging into the plugin sidebar, there are a few common solutions.

The first, and most common, is to simply check the text of your password to make sure it’s a match with what you created in the web page. Because you’re logging in from within an app like Excel or Google Sheets, your password manager (if you use one) likely will not recognize the login form, so you’re forced to type in the old-fashioned way.

Second, double check that you can still access the web page. It’s possible that someone on your team may have made a mistake that led to your account being deactivated.

Third, if you are using Google Sheets try logging in using private mode in your browser. In rare cases, plugins like a password manager or another similar app may be actively blocking your login attempts due to their failure to recognize this as an app separate from Google Sheets itself. If you are using Google Chrome, you may also want to check that the user you’re logged into Chrome with matches the user that has enabled the Sheets plugin. Sometimes, Chrome can confuse itself it if mismatches users.

Finally, try simply resetting your password. Log out from the main website, and select “I forgot my password” to trigger the password reset process. This should only take a few seconds, and you’ll be able to retry with the new password.

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