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How to Share Integrations with Other Users

If you have created an Integration, you may want to make that integration available to other users. Doing so is simple from the web app.

Each integration will have its own box on your homepage, looking something like this:

This box contains information about the integration, as well as a few key actions.

By clicking on the first icon to the right, the “network” button, you will pull up the share menu:

The options here are fairly straightforward – you can either share with a single user by their email, or you can share an integration across your entire team with a single click. Integrations shared via email can be shared with other users regardless of which team they are on.

Important Note: integrations can only be shared via email if the user’s email matches the email of their Amalgam account. So, for example, if you had two different email accounts, clicking on the link would only work if the invitation was sent to the same account that the User signed up to Amalgam with.

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